ITU Faculty of Management


It is founded in 1977 under the Faculty of Management that includes three departments today: Management Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Economics.  Apart from SUNY-ITU Business and ITU Management Engineering undergraduate programs, there are 8 different masters and PhD programs run by the Management Engineering Dept. There are approx. 1000 students in the undergraduate programs and 400 students in the graduate programs. More information about our department can be found at .


SUNY- New Paltz is a university campus connected to the New York State University System in the city of New Paltz, which is settled on the valley of Hudson River. It is about a 90-minute-drive to the city of New York. SUNY is the world’s largest state system with its 64 campuses in the state of New York.  In this system that runs almost 5000 higher education programs, there are over 400 000 registered students.

SUNY-New Paltz is a competent university among the world universities with its faculties of science and letters, engineering, natural sciences, performance arts, fine arts, education, and business administration. The number of students registered to either an undergraduate or a postgraduate program is a total of 7700. The university welcomes around 500 foreign students from over 50 countries. More information about SUNY- New Paltz can be gathered via


This is an undergraduate program run by ITU and SUNY-New Paltz University.

• The program started accepting students in the 2003-2004 academic year and delivered its first graduates in the 2006-2007 academic year.
• The study period is 4 academic years.
• The instruction language of the program is English.
• The students who cannot meet English language requirement study at the ITU School of Foreign Languages for a year.
• The number of students to be accepted to the program is 35 for the 2015-2016 academic year.
• The program accepts students based on their equiponderant OSS score.
• At the end of the program, students who are qualified for graduation receive a bachelor’s degree of business administration from both SUNY- New Paltz and ITU.

The fees for the 2015-2016 Academic Year are 4 250 TL for each semester at ITU, totaling up to 8 500 TL annually. For the semesters in the USA, it is 8000 USD per semester. Students spend two spring semesters, two summer schools (following the spring semester of third year) and a fall semester. The payments, which are to be submitted to ITU in Turkish Liras for the semesters at ITU are accepted in two installments in August and January. The SUNY fees are paid to New Paltz in US dollars.

 • The students who are not qualified in English and study at ITU Dual Degree Preparatory Program pay 7 700 TL per academic year.
• The students accepted to the program study the courses offered by ITU at the Faculty of Business Administration, in the Macka Campus of ITU.