Textile Section was founded in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1955, and it was turned into the Department of Textile Engineering in 1983. The Faculty of textile Technologies and Design was founded in 2004. Textile Development and Marketing Program was opened the same year. At present, Textile Engineering, Fashion Design and Textile Development and Marketing programs are running under the umbrella of the Faculty of textile Technologies and Design. Our Faculty is the unique institution in Turkey which provides the best Textile Engineering, Fashion Design and Textile Development and Marketing studies with its academic staff consisting of 12 professors, 2 associate professors, 6 assistant professors, 5 instructors and 15 research assistants and about 300 graduate, 50 post graduate and 10 doctorate students. Currently, we have more than 1300 graduates working in the industry. 


Founded approximately 70 years ago, the Fashion Institute of Technology,, is a school which educates students in a way to enable them to attain professional perfection in design, fashion and career. FIT, which is unique in its history, is a state institution and gets its main financial support from the State and New York City.   That the institute is located in New York City provides the school with an extraordinary source and the graduates have the opportunity to work for big national and international firms. New York City is simply the heart of the industries that the school serves in, namely fashion, advertising, art, design, business, correspondence and culture. While performing its mission, FIT improves aesthetic, intellectual, analytical and theoretical skills of its students, presents them an innovative curriculum with its academic staff that has an outstanding academic and industrial experience, gives a comprehensive education in contemporary arts, helps its students to progress with its student support centers and provides them with an extremely qualified education.  



In the dual degree program education will be in English. Students should have required English language knowledge in order to start their study. Thus, they are required to pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) .  Students who are admitted to the dual degree program but cannot get a minimum of 550 (in PBT) or 80 (IBT) of TOEFL  will attend the ITU Dual Degree Preparatory Program. Students cannot be freshman unless they pass the TOEFL. 

The Textile Development and Marketing Program are managed together with the Fashion Institute of Technology.  It’s a four-year bachelor program.  The first and second year will be in ITU’s Textile Technology and Design Faculty.  The third and fourth year will be at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.Tuition for the prep year in 2015-2016 academic year is 7700TL, for undergraduates it is 10 000TL. Tuition for FIT is about $ 18000/year for the third and fourth year.  This tuition covers the educational fee and obligatory life insurance fee which is valid for the duration of the students stay in the US.  Estimated expenses students have at FIT for their dormitory, food, book-stationery and personal expenditures are about $ 12 000 per term.       Tuitions mentioned above cover undergraduates. 

In the following years, changes in tuition for each academic year will be announced before the beginning of the year and all students will be required to pay the announced tuition regardless of the year they started university.

  • This is an international dual degree undergraduate program conducted between the universities of ITU and SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • The students who cannot meet English language requirement are to attend one- year ITU Preparatory Program in English.
  • Student quota for the academic year 2015-2016 is 30.
  • The students who graduate from the program are granted the diploma of both ITU and SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • Registered students in this program take their ITU courses at ITU Gümüşsuyu Campus.
  • The students are admitted to the program through an interview based on their scores from the university entrance exam administered by OSYM.